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【例会】Modified Quality Threshold Clustering for Temporal Analysis and Classification of Lung Lesions

主持人:程坤 参会老师:安宁  杨矫云  阙夏  吴玺 参会学生:韩朋、景波、江思源、唐晨、刘杰、刘硕、明鉷、唐晨、滕越、赵春阳 本次例会主要学习讨论了文章 Netto S M B, Diniz J O B, Silva A C, et a … Continue reading

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【例会】Learning Adversarial Networks for Semi-Supervised Text Classification via Policy Gradient

主持人:明鉷 参会老师:杨矫云 参会学生:韩朋,景波,江思源,刘杰,唐晨,滕越 本次例会主要学习讨论了文章 Yan Li and Jieping Ye. 2018. Learning Adversarial Networks for Sem … Continue reading

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【例会】Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data

主持人:赵春阳 参会老师:安宁、杨矫云 参会学生:程坤,郭思伊,韩朋,景波,江思源,李雨龙,刘杰,刘硕,明鉷,唐晨,滕越,肖勇博 本次例会学习讨论了以下文章:Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic … Continue reading

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