[Harvard University- Workshop]Preparing for the Trip to China 准备中国之行

Today is our group workshop mainly for the preparation of China trip on Nov.27, 2018 at Harvard University Tozzer Library. And two visiting scholars, Yumeng An from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Cong Zhang from Fudan University in Shanghai joined us.

2018年11月27日在哈佛大学Tozzer图书馆举办小组研讨会,主要为中国之行做准备。两位访问学者,北京清华大学的Yumeng An和上海复旦大学的Cong Zhang加入了我们。


They briefly introduced the work of their own laboratory and mainly talked about the overview of living labs. Living labs is developing a scalable data management platform, allowing us to collect and integrate multiple types of data including: personal data or “small data” (collected by smart phones, activity tracking devices, or new wearable sensors) [1].



Finally, we exchanged some of China’s traditional culture and social structures to make China’s trip fruitful.



[1] MIT living lab: http://livinglab.mit.edu/

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