[Harvard University- Lecture] Social technology and human health 社会技术与人类健康

Prof. David Bloom gave lecture about the social technology and human health on Nov.20, 2018 at Harvard University Tozzer Library.

David Bloom教授于2018年11月6日在哈佛大学Tozzer图书馆作了关于社会技术与人类健康的报告。



He talked about some current social technology research on eldercare, and provided some helpful perspective on economic and social factors as well as public policy. First of all, the professor takes the ophthalmic optometry equipment as an example to illustrate the development of technology and play an important role in achieving human health. Traditional optometry equipment is large and complex, and it is difficult to popularize in remote areas. Eyesite has developed new technology and used portable equipment to easily perform optometry.



Then, the professor introduced the tremendous impact of the development of digital health on the field of elderly care. Through a variety of comprehensive health monitoring equipment, early detection of signs of illness in the elderly has been transformed from the treatment of traditional diseases to the prevention of disease. Taking Healthtap as an example, it is pointed out that the current development of high technology has changed the traditional clinical outpatient diagnosis method, which makes many areas with sparse populations can be easily diagnosed through the network. Healthtap automatically diagnoses the disease by entering customers own health information into the network and matching it automatically with the database.



Finally, taking the status of Indian aged care as an example, the professor elaborated on the importance of coordinating various roles in the social network of the elderly, especially policy makers, care workers and community health workers. In view of the generally low level of education among nursing workers in some countries, the professor proposed that the developing and improving of training program for nursing workers is the most important.



Specker: Prof. David Bloom, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

主讲人:David Bloom,哈佛大学公共卫生学院教授

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