[Harvard University- Lecture] Aging in Place and Living Environment 老龄化与居住环境

Prof. Ann Forsyth gave lecture about the challenge of aging to the living environment in China on Oct.16, 2018 at Harvard University Tozzer Library.

Ann Forsyth教授于2018年10月16日在哈佛大学Tozzer图书馆作了关于中国老龄化对居住环境带来的挑战的报告。



Prof.Ann Forsyth introduced herself that she works mainly on the social aspects of physical planning and urban development. The big issue behind her research and practice is how to make more sustainable and healthy cities, including design healthy communities and how to prepare environments for the aging population.


Ann Forsyth教授自我介绍说,她主要从事土地规划和城市发展的社会层面的工作。如何建立更加可持续和健康的城市是她研究中的重要问题,包括设计健康的社区,以及如何为老龄化社会营造健康的环境。



She talked about the problem in enriching places for longevity. More and more older adults expressed their desire that they want to staying in their own home and community. While their current homes are typically not designed or located to support advanced old age. Planning and design provide some solutions in an ad hoc way, not yet embraced by health professionals and the public. Current older adults are different to the future in terms of expectations. And the assistive technologies can help but there are limits.


她谈到了发展长寿之地的问题。首先,越来越多的老年人希望晚年可以留在自己家或者社区,但是他们目前的居住的家庭通常不是为老年人设计定位的。 目前的规划和设计只是提供了一些临时的解决方案,尚未得到健康专业人员和公众的认可。 最后,目前和未来的老年人在需求期望方面有所不同。一些辅助的技术可以提供帮助但效果有限。


Then she talked about the gendered pattern. Women live longer and have more years of disability. They are more likely to live alone at the end of life with lower incomes. More women are in caregiving occupations.



She listed many causes of health, like education. But she argued that to make a place healthier, put healthier people in at least OK place. Places can support better health.



Taking the Chengdu Vanke Community as an example, she introduced how the Chinese living environment should develop. Special emphasis is placed on the combination of high technology and traditional technology, focusing on the needs of the elderly, not over-pursuing high-tech, making full use of existing technologies to improve the living environment of the elderly.



Speaker: Prof. Ann Forsyth, Professor of Urban Planning, Director of the Master in Urban Planning Program, Harvard University

主讲人:Ann Forsyth,哈佛大学城市规划教授,城市规划硕士部主任。

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