[Harvard University- Lecture] A Vision of Social Technology for Eldercare as a Collaboration Between Anthropology and Technology 老人护理的社会技术愿景–人类学与科技的合作

Prof. Arthur Kleinman gave lecture about collaboration between anthropology and technology in China on Oct.1, 2018 at Harvard University Tozzer Library.

Arthur Kleinman教授于2018年10月1日在哈佛大学Tozzer图书馆举办了中国关于人类学与科技合作的讲座。


Aging is the process of becoming older [1]. Prof. Arthur Kleinman introduces the global aging problem from the physical health and mental health of the elderly people. In China, current challenges to high-quality dementia care illustrate both country’s wide crisis in elder care and the limitations of its mental health services. Chinese families bear the burden of care and frequently struggle to provide dementia care to the elderly [2].

老龄化是衰老的过程[1]。 Arthur Kleinman教授从老年人身体健康和心理健康出发,介绍了全球老龄化问题。 当前中国对高质量痴呆症护理的挑战体现了这个国家在老年人护理方面存在广泛的危机以及其精神卫生服务的局限性。中国的家庭承担着照顾老人的重担,并普遍努力的为老年人提供痴呆症护理[2]。

The problems faced bring new opportunities to technology. Some have attracted more and more attention, like smartphones, sensors, robots and exoskeletons. There are some policy, business and government issues wait to be sovled.

面临的问题为技术带来了新的发展机遇。 有些技术已经引起了越来越多的关注,比如智能手机,传感器,机器人和外骨骼。 但仍然面临一些政策、商业和政府问题需要解决。
Finally, Prof. Arthur Kleinman explained some potential contribution of anthropology and collaborative possibilities.

最后,Arthur Kleinman教授解释了人类学在与科技的合作过程中可能的一些潜在贡献。

speaker: Prof. Arthur Kleinman, Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor of Anthropology, Professor of Medical Anthropology in Global Health and Social Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard University

主讲人:Arthur Kleinman,哈佛大学人类学教授,全球健康与社会医学的医学人类学教授,精神病学教授

1.     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageing
2.     Chen, Shulin, Lisa L. Boyle, Yeates Conwell, Helen Chiu, Lydia Li, and Shuiyuan Xiao. “Dementia care in rural China.” Mental health in family medicine 10, no. 3 (2013): 133.

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