CURHAN Base Protocol Introduction

China-U.S. Research for Healthy Aging Network (CURHAN)

With a rapidly aging population, China currently faces the health challenge of a rising prevalence of chronic diseases, creating dire healthcare and economic consequences. A joint China-U.S. Aging Well Initiative is underway that applies a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to identify the determinants of lifelong physical, cognitive and emotional health. Modeled after the famed Framingham Heart Study, the China-U.S. Research for Healthy Aging Network (CURHAN) seeks to establish a shared data collection effort that will provide the foundation for a national longitudinal cohort study on age-related chronic diseases.

The Framingham Heart Study led the way in illuminating that the most effective public health strategies for disease prevention and intervention are built around the incident study of chronic disease. Unique to this CURHAN initiative is the integration of conventional epidemiologic data collection methods with novel digital technologies to create opportunities for high precision health-related metrics. The vision is to build a forward-thinking platform with the capacity for long-term surveillance of a mobile society, creating an unprecedented resource from which to identify how to reduce the cost and burden of treating and caring for China’s growing elder population and fuel development of innovative healthcare products and services that will help optimize lifelong personal health.

As we begin the startup phase of this project, we would like to invite researchers interested in the study of non-communicable chronic diseases to join our growing CURHAN family.  This network of multinational researchers will work together to identify internationally applicable measures and build functional research protocols for clinical application, to advance scientific knowledge on chronic disease and promote public health solutions for increased quality of life across the lifespan.

List of Protocols:

Interviewers/Technicians Information


Socioeconomic Questionnaire


Medical History


Blood & Urine Specimens


Physical Activity


Sleep Questionnaire


Food Frequency Questionnaire


Environmental Exposure


Cardiovascular Assessment


Depression Assessment


Cognitive Assessment


Digital Tools


Protocol Integration Team:

  • Rhoda Au, Ph.D., MBA


Professor of Neurology

Boston University School of Medicine

Senior Investigator/Director of Neuropsychology

Framingham Heart Study

  • Ting Fang Alvin Ang M.D.

Master of Public Health Student


Boston University School of Public Health

  • Spencer Hardy

Sargent School of Rehabilitation Sciences

Health Science Student

  • Margaret Kelly-Hayes, Ed.D.

Boston University School of Medicine

Clinical Professor of Neurology

  • Naomi Ko, M.D.

Boston University School of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology


Cardiovascular Assessment:

  • Jared Magnani, M.D.

Boston University School of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Emelia Benjamin, M.D., MPH

Boston University School of Medicine

Boston University School of Public Health

Professor of Epidemiology

Professor of Medicine

  • Joanne Murabito, M.D.

Boston University School of Medicine

Framingham Heart Study

Clinic Director

Associate Professor of Medicine

  • Fei Wang, M.D.

Xinhua Hospital.

Associate Chief Physician

Shanghai Jiaotong University


Socioeconomic Questionnaire:


  • Andrew J. Wang


Senior Research Associate, Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities,

Harvard University

Research Economist, National Bureau of Economic Research


Physical Activity:


  • Karin Schon, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Deparment of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Boston University School of Medicine

  • Jing Yuan M.D.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital


Department of Neurology


Sleep Questionnaire:

  • Robert Thomas, M.D.


Assistant Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School


Environmental Exposure:

  • Elissa Welker, Ph.D.Harvard Medical School

Professor of Medicine

Michael McClean, Ph.D.

Director of Doctoral Training in Department of Environmental Health

Boston University School of Public Health

Associate Dean of research


Food Frequency Questionnaire:

  • Paul JacquesGerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman

School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Tufts University

Senior Scientest, Director and Professor

  • Chen Wei, M.D.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Chengzheng Yuan

Harvard School of Public Health

Nutritional Epidemiology

  • Charlotte Wu, M.D.

Boston Medical Center

Director of Adult Primary Care


Depression Assessment:

  •  Wendy Qiu, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology

Boston University School of Medicine


Digital Tools:


  • Mathew Patterson, Ph.D.Shimmer Sensing

Human Data Scientist

Niamh Mahony, Ph.D.Shimmer Sensing

Lead Applications Engineer


CURHAN Base Protocol Version 1, March 9, 2016


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