今天来WINLAB学习的第八日,下午1点开了做了一个Presentation,张燕咏教授、Rich Howard教授、Rich Martin教授参加了讨论,在这几天的学习过程中,Rich Howard教授给了我的建议将会在下一版的设计中应用上。
Rich Howard、Rich Martin、本人

Rich Howard、Rich Martin、本人

     同时打算把之前没看完Cadence SI仿真在重新看一下,这块的问题正好可以问Rich Howard。
         I’m a senior student,from gerontechnolgy lab,Hefei University of Techonology,China.Recently,we are studying smart insole.I’m in charge of the hardware part.
         So,what’ smart insole?
Smart Insole is a kind of intelligent hardware.
Capture 4 points pressure under the feet.
Capture 9-Axis data of feet movement.
Meanwhile, support Qi protocol wireless charging.
It will used for feet gesture recognition.
         There are composed of 4 parts, lithium ['lɪθɪəm]battery flex Sensor PCBQi protocol compatible coil.
         The most important part of smart insole is flex sensor, as the name implies,flex sensor is a kind of new type of sensor,it’s flexible,it’s used for measuring pressure.Unfortunately, we only found two companies that make this type of sensor In China,and the Anti-fatigue performances of sensor which we first choice is not will not resume to default status when pressed for several hours.the other one ,which held in my hand can anti-fatigue for a long time.
However, there are many tests about sensor that we haven’t done,since the structure of insole is very instable.
         The other important part is 9-Axis sensor ,which are widely used in many electronic equipment to capture motion.3-Axis acceleration,3-Axis gyro and 3-Axis Magnetic [mæg'netɪk] m  eter.using these data we can get feet getsure.
         In order to communicate with cell phone ,we choice Bluetooth communication,when put insole under foot,5 meters are suggested using.for android,the max communication speed is 84Kbps,for iOS,16Kbps is compatible.      
This is the software screenshot,we can see 4 graphs,the first one is RSSI graph,we use it for link loss control,the senond is 4 points flex sensor data,the third is acceleration graph,the last is gyro insole will send data continuously.from smart insole to cell phone and form cell phone to server.all algorithm will run in the server.
we are facing many problems,the bigger issue is what said above.and there are some issues in hardware and Rich Howard have told me about the human body influence on antenna and I could aware of this issue,and he also told me how to reduce system power,which I can not only reduce it from hardware,but also from software,and he also told me how to calculate size of Piezo[ pɪrzoʊ ]  that transform mechanical energy to electrical energy.although it maybe impossible to receive,I contacted company of piezo to buy some samples and test.
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