Sword Health System

1Annually, there are fifty million strokes around the world. And USA alone each forty seconds represents another strokes arise, 85% will be need physical rehabilitation. The stroke research is taking. Studying the recovery process earlier and extensively as possible maximize full potential of recovery. Although traditional rehabilitation services are effective, they are costly and highly dependence on specialized human resources. Patients are recommended to have two-hour rehabilitation in each day. However, the majority is only receiving two hours per week.


traditional system

In spite of the growing interest verified in the field of technology based intervention of the rehabilitation, there are still a number of solutions that was successful and suitable for a widespread use. For example, robotic devices are costly and complex and demand constant supervision and regulation. To democratize the access to a more efficient and successful recovery, we need to develope a disruptive system that would reshape the paradigm in stroke rehabilitation.

There are some companies devoted in this part. Let’s take the company SWORD Health for an example.


new syestem

The SWORD system was designed to address the three major requirements for efficient rehabilitation therapy: high-intensity, feedback on performance and repetitive task-specific practice. It maximizes the intensity of therapy allowing the patients to have recovery treatments independently, either at home or institutions.


The SWORD system includes two connected parts:


Wearable equipment

  1. The rehabilitation interface: a motion qualification system with three sensor modules, placed on the upper or the lower limb of patient that is linked to the app on the mobile devices, will quantify the profound movements and provide the media feedback guiding the patients what is wrong and can be improved his rehabilitation process, also give him words ‘twenty proceeds’ as positive reinforcements for encouragement. 
  2.  The mobile app also connects patients to the clinic environment. The data generated 8in new rehabilitation session is synced to SWORD code. The SWORD code represents the first analytic modules specifically designed for the motor rehabilitation industry. Combining rehabilitation data stream, physician’s notes, genomic dada and pharmaceutical data with machine learning algorithms, the SWORD Core provides the clinical team with deeper understanding of patients past ,present and future evolution.

network data

Connected to the Sword core is one based council to give the clinicians direct current state of recovery of each one of patients. Based on the rehabilitation data building on the global network of the rehabilitation centers of patients, clinicians have access to effective treatment guidelines for a specific patient allowing truly tell the rehabilitation plan. Sword connects patients and caregivers, professionals and rehabilitation centers providing a continuous and efficient recovery. Simultaneously, it also enhances institutions to reach more patients without increasing of extra cost, allowing organizations to evaluate the quality of the treatment provided as well as work flow of their professionals.


friendly relationship

The Sword system performs an end-to-end reinvention of the rehabilitation industry maximizing the both the operational and therapeutic effectiveness of physical and occupational rehabilitation services.




















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