In the October 26, 2014, IGEM Promote Exchanges which was organized by the Computer and Information Science achieved complete success.


At 1:30pm.Lecture started on time. By our leader – Yang Jiao Yun teacher was first to introduce what is a gene synthetic biology. Each student audience listen very carefully. Next, by our teammates Bowen Gong and Yu Xia for everyone to explain the function and the future of our design software. Bowen Gong introduced how our design software will be used, Midway Yu Xia introduced how the server-side algorithms are implemented. Finally, Bowen Gong was for our software design illustration. Although they introduced our design simply, it caused a lot of curiosity about the students. They put questions, told doubts, and gave recommendations. Atmosphere is warm, what’s more, our decent speaker also seriously answered students’ questions.


The last but not least, this activity has enriched the cultural life of the students after school, provided a platform for the exchange of students, created opportunity to show themselves, and enhanced the ability of our team, so we are confident about the upcoming game! Every hard worker will be sparkling.



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