Devblog of Oct.7th

In the morning, we used the Skype to run the demonstration of the software. We did in our own computer instead of connecting to the server. And we reported the process of the work to our instructors. One of the instructors An thought we should expedite our work.

Other thing is he thought the staffing isn’t reasonable and he changed some of it: Ding Huitong will help Xia Yu to establish the database and upload it to the server; Ding Xingyu will test the software by the each of the unit and the whole software; Li Wenhan will assist our the other instructors Yang to check the staffing in order to speed up the whole work and make it more reasonable; Bai Dingyu and I are responsible for the wiki page including text upload and the animation effects.

To make showing effect better on the competition, the instructor An lends us a more powerful computer.


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